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RWE Precision resistors are meant for working in professional electronic equipment, controlling and measuring apparatus and control systems. They are particularly recommended in systems requiring high precision, high time stability and small sensitivity to temperature changes. The resistors are coated with a high quality lacquer which provides electrical, mechanical and climatic protection.

Job caracteristics

  • RWE resistors meet the requirements for the highest quality stability in accordance with PN-86/T-80051
  • Climatic category: 55 / 125 / 56
  • Change of resistance while storing : below 0,02% / year
  • We manufacture two types of resistors: RWE0207 and RWE0411, differing in size and power rating.
Maximum dissipation as a function of T ambCurrent noise coefficient
Zakres rezystancjiµV/V
below 100kmax.0,2
below 1 M2max. 0,5
over 1 M2max. 1,0

Aditional information

  • We produce resistors of any resistance value in a given range,
  • We produce resistors of parameters individually agreed upon with the recipient,
  • For resistors of tolerance 0,01 to 0,05% we recommended loading of up to 50% of power rating


Resistors are packed in foil bags. Each bag possesses label with the following information:

producer - resistance - tolerance - TC - number of pieces

Depending on temperature resistance coefficient (TC) different label colour are used :

5 x 10-6 / K - 5 ppm                -violet
10 x 10-6 / K - 10 ppm            -blue
15 x 10-6 / K - 15 ppm           - orange
25 x 10-6 / K - 25 ppm           - yellow
50 x 10-6 / K - 50 ppm           - red


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