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Dear Customers,

The ELPOD Ltd. business enterprise is a private Polish company from 1989 specializing in the production of THT mounted resistors (Through-Hole Technology). Our offer includes:

  • RWE high stability precision resistors,
  • RME-type (0.6 W) metal film resistors with high load-carrying capacity

As a result of many years of research we have developed a unique technology of applying thin resistive layers on ceramic rollers. The high quality of manufactured layers is obtained due to utilization of unique properties of metallic alloys that contain transition metals with semiconductor impurity. The manufacture of stable-structure metallic alloy layers, stable in a wide range of temperatures allows for the production of resistors with the following features:

  • high long-term electrical stability
  • low temperature resistance coefficient in a wide range of temperatures
  • small tolerance levels
  • low current noise coefficient

These parameters are obtained for a wide range of resistance from 0.30 om to 10 Mom. The following pages outline the technical parameters of RWE resistors.

Our manufacturing process involves the use components produced by the world’s top manufacturers. The implementation of a modern system of quality control guarantees procurement of high parameter resistors. Procedures at every level of production used by our company, parameter control values logging following every operation as well as full product material identification allow for perfect production process repeatability and guarantee the highest quality of products.

The manufacturing process implemented allows for the production of RWE precision resistors with individually selected parameters by the costumer, especially of parameters of any given resistance of a range as well as with low TWR values in negative temperatures. Many years of experience in the production of stable and precise film resistors allows us to cater to various needs of our customers.

Our offer also includes SMD 0603, 0805 and SMD 1206 resistors with tolerance levels from 0.1% to 1%. The technical parameters of SMD resistors are given on pages that follow.

PPH ELPOD is a robust and trustworthy partner of the leading Polish manufacturers of industrial automatics and control-monitoring equipment for more than 25 years.


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